Building a Winning Strategy

By Alvernia University (other events)

Wednesday, December 4 2019 7:30 AM 9:30 AM

Market changes and industry disruptions are happening with unprecedented speed. To ensure your company’s relevance, it takes more than disciplined execution. In this session, you’ll learn the components and framework necessary for building a winning strategy. You’ll discover the key strategic elements that keep you ahead of the competition and drive sustainable growth in revenue and gross margins. You’ll get an overview of the One Page Strategic Plan, an effective tool to drive your company’s planning, alignment and strategic execution. 

About the Speaker

Mark Miller is a Scaling Up/Gazelles certified executive coach and founder for Flywheel LLC. Mark specializes in working with leadership teams to implement a framework that drives strategic alignment and execution accountability. By building tools and insight to properly scale the company, Mark helps clients build a road map that accelerates both top and bottom line growth.